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Dovakiin-s and their chibies

Вилла, норд, 56 уровень

Элисса, имперка, 43 уровень

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Who wants a sweetroll?

Random guard: Let me guess, somebody stole your sweetroll?
Dovakiin: In your dreams, smart ass!

Напекла на днях плюшек Skyrim-style =)


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Хехехе =)))

'A Rude Letter'

The Falmer wandered into the Tower Mzark, loping around after the scent of a human being who had recently passed.

He sniffed heavily, smelling the strange scent most on a wall. He stumbled over to it and began sniffing. His face, pressed against the stone, suddenly felt ridges that had been carved into it. He felt along them with his hand, and then frowned.

It just so happened that this Falmer knew how to read human writing. It was unfortunate, then, that his first contact with human works was this message.

'Fuck you,' it began, 'I stole an Elder Scroll.'

The Falmer sighed, and would have rolled his eyes had they not been swollen shut.

"Tourists," he rasped in Falmeri, and left.

- отсюда

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Рыдаль и плакаль!

Наверняка же оно со стороны так и выглядит :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Dark Elf disguised